IMG_1815The whole story of why I wanted to become a naturopath is lengthy and rather heartbreaking, but I’ll save it for another telling. I will say, though the story is long, it bears a simple message: I was hopelessly lost when it came to my own health and my own body. It took some remarkable people and divine intervention to make me realize that I didn’t have to be lost or hopeless; that I too could thrive like the people I saw and so envied when I was a young lady, nearly 300 pounds and racked with pain, depression, anxiety, and very little will to carry on.

I discovered that through primal, ketogenic nutrition, I was finally able to shed most of my body fat, gain muscle, and feel marvelous. I researched more and more, finding that my previous doctors were short-changing me. I lived with an autoimmune disease most of my life and every doc I saw was convinced that antidepressants were the cure. One doc even verbally abused me, but I was so lost, I thought surely she must have been telling me some unimpeachable truth. This isn’t to say that all allopathic doctors behave dreadfully toward their patients. Many are well meaning and I have the utmost respect for them. But, why did these things happen with my case?

The reason is that many healthcare providers just have it backwards. They treat the disease and not the patient. I decided to become a naturopathic physician, so I could be part of the solution to this insanity.

When I found out the root causes for why my own health was failing, I was able to adjust those imbalances and my body did the rest. It healed itself.  I still have an autoimmune disease, but it no longer enslaves me the way it once did. And that is why I am so passionate about what I do. I want to help every person in my care to unlock their body’s innate ability to heal itself, naturally.

More recently, being in and among the warriors of the martial arts community, I have seen a lot of injuries and pain. I’ve seen people taking sabbatical because they overtrained or went a little sideways and tore something in a joint. Sadly, some had to endure surgery, and thankfully that option is available or a few athletes might have never walked again. As for me, I haven’t been in as dire a predicament, but I have had that all too familiar ache and the loose joints that come from doing a calf crank for the hundredth rep. I have received minimally invasive, natural means to help prevent those injuries from taking me permanently off the mat or onto the surgical table. I can’t imagine what I’d have done before seeing a naturopath myself! I have experienced some of the power of working with my own body instead of against it, which is why I am learning to perform these therapies on my own patients, under the tutelage of the masters in this field.

I’m here to say that there is hope. There’s hope for the person who can’t figure out why they can’t lose weight; the depressed, anxious person who can’t get it together; the athlete who wants to fight on and on but their body is telling them “no.” There’s a way to work with our bodies so they will serve us. But we need to truly care for them and we need the tools to do so. I’m here to help with that and I will help lead you to health because I know what it’s like to be hopeless and what it’s like to rewrite the story so I can have hope again.

May hope always win out.